Membership Committee

Chair(s): Ken Fisher


- Oversees all aspects of membership and is responsible for the following: 

  • Monitors attendance at all meetings
  • Ensures Data Cards are completed for all new members along with dues ( which are turned over to
    the Treasurer)
  • Provides Membership Packet to all new members
  • Keeps track of the health and well being of the membership
  • Sends out Get Well Cards to members as needed
  • Completes Proclamations  For Funerals, Memorials
  • Prepares Membership Directory
  • Other assignments as needed.

Friendship Golf Committee


Chair: Patrice Fisher
 - In conjunction with our partners, The Villages African American Club, responsible for all aspects of the Friendship Golf Tournament to include Special Committees dedicated to Rules, Hospitality, Luncheon, Photography, Information Technology, Awards, and Finance. Additional information to include DONATION and SIGN-UP forms can be obtained by visiting the Friendship Golf Tournament . 


“The Sophisticated Gents of Florida is an organization dedicated to intellectual. spiritual, educational, and emotional fellowship.” This is the first line of our mission statement as shown on our website, and while it is a true statement regarding our dedication to our communities. Our mission is to recognize and assist members or survivor  spouses, or in distress, because our approach is not systematic in nature, there is a chance that members in need” may be missed. This is our proposal to address that issue and enhance the value benefit of membership commensurate with our mission. “No Man or Woman will be left behind” because WE CARE! WE CARE.pdf

Chair:  Charles Horton

Other Committees

By-Laws Committee - Responsible for maintenance and update of our By-laws, as needed. Coordinates the Election process.
Chair:  Ron Newsome

Social Actions Committee - Responsible for coordinating the social & fundraising activities of the Organization. Among the major member events being our annual picnic at Eaton Beach..
Chair: Bubba Swartz

Community & Media Relations - Involves working with media for the purpose of informing the public of Gents organization's mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner. Typically, this means coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media.

Chair: TBD

Adopt  A Precinct- Involves staffing and managing a Voting Precinct during Primary and General Elections. For services rendered the County provides a generous stipend to the organization

Chair:  Jerome Lumpkin

Adopt A Highway-Involves coordinating with the County to pickup litter on a county road quarterly

Chair-Ted Bristol

Special Committees

These Special Committees plan, coordinate, and arrange various events and fundraising efforts: 

  • Black & White Ball Committee   TBD
  • Jazz Meets Motown Committee   Chair/Robert Connor
  • Variety Show Committee  Chair/Bubba Swartz

Education and Scholarship Committee

Chair(s): Mike Napier Responsibilities - Oversees all aspects of our Scholarship Initiative and is responsible for the following activities:

  • Sets criteria for selection of scholarship applicants
  • Works directly with all four target area schools ( Leesburg, Lake Weir, Wildwood and Villages
  • Charter HS). Committee members are assigned to schools and work in collaboration with the
    Counseling Offices.
  • Selects students to receive scholarships.
  • Determines the amounts of individual scholarships
  • Coordinates the Annual Scholarship Luncheon
  • Follows-up with all recipients to validate registration and subsequent release of scholarship dollars.
  • Solicits information annually from recipients to determine retention and eligibility for retention scholarship
  • Informs the membership periodically on all aspects of the program
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